lørdag 12. november 2011

Imperial Life

The first thing that strikes me as essential in an Imperial lifestyle is the Darth Vader Toaster.
I wonder if they come with different scorching patterns. The Death Star imprint would be awesome and inspiring for any aspiring despot.
Secondly, an imperial mug would be preferable, but only one. After all, there can be only one Vader in a household. Drink your large non-fat mocha, double midi-chlorian and no whip from a mug of your favorite design.
(remember, you can't crush rebel scum on decaf)
Other members of the house, (refered to as minions), would of course wear the Imperial Death Star Officers Cap. The title a mere illusion, it still looks snappy.

(comes with the warning of not preventing forced chokes. Oh darn.)
As described in the website, a laserpointer can be of use in many ways. 
(agravating your kitty would be one)

Wallpaper choices are pretty limited. Do or don't. 
But if you're already there why not top it off with the Wampa Rug? Nice in front of the fireplace.
Oh wait you wouldn't have one.
(Slave bitch is not included.)
BUT...if you claim to belong to the light, this R2D2 USB Hub could be your next best friend.
There's also the Lightsaber Torchlight in case you should find yourself unarmed in a power outage.

There are a number of kitchen gadgets that might come in handy for a Rebel of the Alliance. The R2D2 Pepper Grinder is one of them.
(never mind the noises.)
And how about this inter-galactic book of recipes! Make your own Jedi Juice Bars, Boba Fett-Uccine, and Greedo's Burritos.
Go easy on the Dark Side Salsa though.
You can compliment your cool drinks with R2D2 icecubes made on this silicone tray. OR make chocolate droids for your weekend snack.
It will also keep your x-wing operational.
Aren't these a blast! For all your listening needs! I want one for x-mas! Puleeeeese!
If you're a Jedi Knight The Jedi House and Bath Robe will fast become your favorite attire when relaxing in front of the fireplace on your Wampa Rug...
(which someone left on your doorstep)

...The Jedi Path of course being your best read...

...while taking notes in your Limited Edition Moleskin Notebook...
 ...with your force imbued Lightsaber Pen.

And not to worry if doubts about the personal qualities of your children should arise, go get the DIY Dark Side Detector Light Saber. Comes with batteries and user manual.

if you're just plain mad about the entire Star Wars concept like I am, get it all from ThinkGeek!


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  1. Fantastisk....Helt å fullstendi å totalt fantastisk...Trur æ må gråte en skvett!

  2. Du får tørke øyan med snippen av den svarte kappa :p