lørdag 23. juli 2011

Wrong Way

Our government building was bombed yesterday as something which could be perceived as a distraction from the massacre put into action on Utøya a little later the same day, where the mass of the Norwegian labor party's up and coming youth was gathered for their annual summer camp. Up until now 7 people are dead in the blast in the capital, and 84 kids are reported dead on Utøya, either shot or drowned as they tried to escape the mad man who, dressed as a police officer, went amok with firearms among them.

This person, an ethnic Norwegian man of 32, seem to have taken it upon himself to make a statement about what one man can do, and done it he has. From what one can understand he's a nationalist fundamentalist with the belief that Norway is for Norwegians only, and the desire that all others should be banished from our shores. To make this happen he has hit the labour party, who works for ALL citizens, at it's softest core, and thus hit home with most counties in the country.

What he, in his small mind, cannot understand is that his perception of his countrymen is fundamentally wrong. He does not see that we're not of the same mind. He does not understand what this cowardly pointless act does to us as a nation. And he does not perceive that changing a society does not start with mass murder.
So many right wing extremist groups believe that our viking inheritance is the origins of their opinions, and have wrongly claimed the symbols of that inheritance as theirs.  
They have no right to any of it!
 We were warriors and merchants. We accepted other peoples beliefs and faith alongside our own. We may have been feared and loathed for our plunderings, but we discriminated no one in neither war nor trade. Likewise we will not discriminate any attacker, whether he comes from without or within our borders. In our time we don't go to war, but our diplomatic skills are legend. We are peaceful people. But we are still Vikings.

We will not be silenced.
We will not be bullied.
We will not run and hide.

 Lock shields!

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